Tuesday, March 20, 2012

StapletonStudios (Randomation) + Tunes

Stapleton Studios (R)    =    jjaquu! click now to see our awesome channel

NOW PARTNERED! check the channel link if you don't know what this is

Please Help out...                                          

                                                       CHANNELS FOR THE CHECKLES


Your eyes do not deceive you! the lowest/ not funded channel on YouTube to be legit is having a giveaway! (please donate to make this process faster

This is the best place run by us to get the scoop on this Vitaway™  We are holding this contest to get views-subs-partner-money-Vita, so you are practically buying this for FREE! but in order for this to happen (we do have a back up... it will happen) we need the -views-subs- part, and that's where you come in! all's you have to do is like, sub and share*. this will allow us to earn the money to buy you a Vita!

* ...getting back to this, if you refer a friend to sub and send me a message saying they were referred by you, you'll get an extra entry for yourself! as many friends as you want!!!!

so lets get-a-watchin'!

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